Frequently asked questions

What is the return policy?

All merchandise to be returned shall be shipped back new, never worn or washed. This return policy applies to merchandise that was shipped damaged or there was a processing error in the size or color ordered. The customer has the option for a full refund within (14) days after receipt of their merchandise. All orders with the exception of autographed merchandise may be returned within (14) days after the customer receives their order. Please allow our team (14) business days to process your return once it is received back in our inventory. *Please note that our return policy applies to domestic orders (i.e. withing the Continental United States).

Why do sizes 2-3x and above cost more?

These bigger sizes cost more for you because they cost more for us. Manufacturers charge extra for bigger sizes due to more matertial used to make them.

How do I go about ordering a autographed T-shirt?

To order an autograpghed t-shirt, go to the shop tab and select the t-shirt. Then is the siz dropdown menu you will see the selection for autograph with the size, e.g. "Authograph M". Select the sixe you need and then the color and thats all. PLEASE NOTE: Autograph shirt require at least 7-10 extra days delivery time.